Virtual Panel Discussion Replay: The East Coast - The New Frontier in Cannabis

Virtual Panel Discussion Replay: The East Coast – The New Frontier in Cannabis

A panel of industry leaders provide an informative exchange on the expected future and growth of Cannabis on the East Coast. Discussions included an update on legal and regulatory developments as well as what legalization will mean to the Cannabis Industry and the East Coast market.

Webinar Replay Here 

Andrew Davison, CEO, GCH, Inc.
Vikas Desai, Founder, Partner, Achari Ventures
Arnaud Dumas de Rauly, CEO, Blinc Group
Michael Hennessy, Partner, Lineage Capital Advisors
Ashley Picillo, Founder, CEO, Point7 Group
Gary Santo, President, TILT Holdings
Jeanne Sullivan, CIO, Arcview Ventures

Hosts and Moderators:
PKF O’Connor Davies
Jeffrey Gittler, CPA, Partner
Noam Hirschberger, CFA, CVA, Principal

Cole Schotz
Marissa Mastroianni, Associate
Marc Press, Member

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