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6 Easy Ways to Keep Your Cannabis Business Sustainable

It’s no secret now, cannabis is a rapidly growing industry, and in any big business, it is important to invest in ways to keep your industry environmentally sustainable. Especially in a highly regulated environment such as the cannabis market, finding innovative ways to lower one’s carbon footprint is difficult. It’s in our industry’s best interest to stay environmentally conscious. Helping the Earth is a reward in itself, but it can also work to gain favor from clients. Here are some easy ways to stay sustainable in your cannabis business:  

1. Start From Within

The most important aspect of keeping your business environmentally sustainable is your team and its motivations. Planning early with your architect, designer, or sustainability consultant can make or break your chances of staying green. Proper foresight can ensure that your selected location can support your sustainability goals. It is also important to ensure your contractors and engineers have experience with sustainable practices to be able to bring these goals to life.

2. Be Conscious of Your Supply Chain

When managing your cannabis business, consider buying inventory from suppliers that make a conscious effort to reduce their environmental impact. A perfect example would be Sun Grown Packaging (SPG), the first sustainability-focused packaging company in America. Invest in supporting companies like these who use innovative processes to reduce their consumption during the cultivation process. Additionally, many cultivators have also made steps to reduce their carbon footprint. Many utilize solar energy, go pesticide-free, and conserve water at their facilities. Taking note of each cannabis supplier’s processes can help you choose sustainable companies whose values align with your own. 

3. Buy From Companies with Reduced Packaging

One of the hottest areas of environmental concern in the cannabis industry is the packaging. All states require any cannabis-infused product to be protected by child-proof packaging. This alongside law-mandated labeling makes packing often far larger than necessarily needed to protect the product. Rethinking how you package products will not only help the earth, but can reduce input costs, and attract environmentally conscious customers. Many companies are beginning to incorporate plant-based industrial hemp to create a plastic-like polymer as a cannabis packaging alternative. Sana Packaging was one of the first companies to use plant-based hemp instead of conventional plastics. Hemp plastics are 100% plant-based and a worthy investment for any environmentally conscious business owner. 

4. Donate to an Environmental Charity

Many organizations offer partnerships with companies that have a vested interest in reducing their carbon footprint. Donating a portion of your businesses’ profits to a charity is not only good press for your business but also unlocks tax benefits. A great example of an organization that does just this is 1% for the Planet. As a member of their alliance, companies commit to donating just 1% of their profits annually to fight the climate crisis. Donating to environmental charities will also give your business exposure to other likeminded organizations and businesses.  

5. Create a Work-Environment Mindset

Influencing your own employees could be the most critical impact you have on the Earth and your community. In fact, company-wide initiatives such as recycling programs or carpooling systems could incentivize individuals to reduce their own consumption habits. Every person on your team must be aware and passionate about the same objectives you are. Educating your employees on the climate crisis and creating incentives in the workplace can lead to habits transferring to the home. Ultimately, getting your employees involved can start a ripple effect as they carry it into their personal lives.

6. Consider a Cannabis Consultant

Ultimately, guesswork is unfavorable in the cannabis industry. It is best to consult an expert when you run into an obstacle. A consultant could help you set up your business to be the most environmentally efficient it can be. Further, many offer planning services and can give insight into different areas of the cannabis business realm. There is never shame in asking for help; in fact, many companies offer free consultations and can begin guiding your business very effectively. 

How Point7 Can Help

As the cannabis industry continues to bolster, it is important to keep developing ways to make our industry sustainable. Above all, supporting the earth supports the industry, and it is important to find teams of people who prioritize the environment. Point7 offers a wide range of services from application guidance to marketing that can help you step into the cannabis space successfully. Get in contact with us today to schedule your free exploratory call. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks on how to improve your cannabis business.

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