Destigmatizing Cannabis

Sea of Green

You may be wondering, what exactly is a sea of green approach? This term is often used when cultivators share their perspectives on the horticultural portion of the business. Although these cultivation facilities and sprawling plant production areas certainly do appear to be a sea of green, the terminology is rooted in pre-regulated cannabis cultivation. This phrase references a specific growth methodology that remains widely debated.

Sea of Green (SOG)

One methodology that we see most often in commercial cannabis is a hybrid version of the Sea Of Green approach. Long story short, this involves propagating, vegging, flowering, and harvesting numerous plants at the same time rather than growing a handful of larger plants. The process here will result in a higher quantity of smaller-sized plants. While this methodology is desirable for high-volume cultivation with relatively shorter growth cycles, it does have its drawbacks. Cultivators must also pay attention to the number of plants that are growing and affecting the microclimates within the space. Additionally, the possibility of overcrowding and affecting plant health may also prove to be difficult for plant observation and coverage. Further, homegrowers and licensees with very limited plant counts must be aware of the number of plants this methodology demands.

Screen of Green (SCROG)

Next, an alternative methodology for plant training is creating a canopy of large ‘colas’ from fewer plants by carefully manipulating the bud sites into a preset screen. By encouraging the branches to grow laterally, your light absorption increases and produces a higher volume of dense buds. This method does come with its caveats, which may not make it an ideal choice for large-scale commercial cultivation. The Screen of Green method is a labor-intensive process; it’s difficult to cultivate numerous strains at once, and the static nature of the setup can prohibit mobility when needed to reach the inner canopy.

How Point7 Can Help

Point7 assists our clients in every facet of the cannabis business from licensing to horticulture. Reach out to us for cultivation advice from experts. In the meantime, keep those plants healthy. Happy Growing!

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