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Microdosing – What Is It and Why Is It Beneficial?

So, where did the term microdosing become prominent? Many cannabis consumers report enjoying their high, but consuming too much THC can cause short-term, undesirable feelings.

These effects can make it difficult to consume cannabis and carry on with the normal demands of a busy life. Thankfully, a consumption trend has been around for ages but is now gaining momentum within cannabis, microdosing. This process allows consumers to achieve the positive effects of cannabis while avoiding the psychoactive effects generally associated with it. 

What is Microdosing?

Microdosing is the process by which the user consistently consumes a low dose of a psychoactive drug, enough to stall the psychoactive effects. This process allows the consumer to maintain a consistent level of cannabinoids in their bloodstream over time.

Consumers can experience the same benefits, including improved mood, sleep, appetite, and reduction in pain or anxiety, without experiencing a strong high associated with THC. Microdosing can even boost creativity and enhance workout sessions. Since the dosage that provides these positive effects is minimal, the psychoactive effects are extremely subtle. This still allows the consumer to go about their daily life without feeling impaired. 

Since the effects of cannabis vary, the proper microdose of THC also varies. The best way to establish the proper dose is to start with the lowest possible and slowly increase as needed. Once the right dosage is found, the user can steadily continue consumption to maintain the positive effects.

While controlling and consuming the dosage of cannabis may sound difficult, it becomes easier with the right products. These products make it easier to control the dose and are available in many forms. Edibles are sold in small dose amounts. Many come in pieces of only 5 milligrams each, perfect for controlling a microdose. Additionally, some prefer to microdose using cannabis flower. In this case, a one-hitter or small bowl would be appropriate for controlling the dose. Luckily, these products are widely available to make microdosing easy for any user.

How Point7 Can Help

Point7 supports our clients by presenting the different forms of cannabis consumption and determining which methods best aid their business needs. New products and innovative delivery methods are emerging and evolving constantly. Some states place limitations on the types of products a cannabis business can produce or sell. Overall, it is essential to understand the local market and the patient/consumer demand for each product type. If you’re looking for guidance for your cannabis business, reach out to us and see how we can help.

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