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5 Key Elements of Design for a Superior Dispensary Experience

When thinking of a design for your dispensary, make sure your customers feel safe and comfortable using strategies that stretch beyond just materials and layout. With increasing professionalism and competition in the cannabis industry, shoppers now make snap judgments about stores as soon as they walk through the door. You’ll want to create a total experience, one that encourages patients to look, feel and touch.

We’ve put together five key design protocols to keep in mind when designing a superior experience at your dispensary.

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Humanize Your Brand with Storytelling

By storytelling, you can establish an emotional bridge with your customer, which is the ultimate engagement and retention tool. Brand identity is the strongest story you can tell. Your customers care where you come from and what you stand for, so don’t leave out how your products are made or sourced. When done right, customers will feel a connection with your brand and become raving fans.

Create Unique Visual Merchandising

Create an interactive way for people to experience the product. First, ensure that the product is visible, whether on a shelf, displayed in jars, or within a case. Then, think about how a customer will shop for the product and encourage them to ask questions. No need to overthink this exercise either – it’s best to make your display simple and visually pleasing to the eye.

Push the Design Envelope

Exploration is key, so don’t be wary of shaking things up! Feel the freedom to create an environment that changes the way people look at cannabis. The future of dispensary design is ever-changing, so push the envelope.

Educate Customers.

It’s critical for a dispensary to expand its educational offering, so information is geared toward first-time and familiar consumers. Consider devoting a section of your waiting area to education by utilizing touch screens or rotating digital displays. Showcase flower within the point-of-sale area for customers to touch, see and smell what’s for sale. Education inspires confidence in your customers, making them feel good about their decision to shop with you.

Upgrade Your Space with Expert Consultation.

For truly superior design, it’s best to work side-by-side with a consultant throughout the design process. We’ve seen time and again owners getting into trouble with design by relying solely on the input of an architect or engineer, many of whom are unfamiliar with the cannabis industry. This unfamiliarity can translate to missing details that are critically important to the customer experience. Dispensary design consultants help convey the important needs of growers, processors, and facility owners, ensuring that exceptional finished products are delivered to the end-user in the most beneficial way.

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How Point7 Can Help

We’ve only scratched the surface of what makes a superior dispensary design. Engaging Point7 to manage this aspect of your business ensures that your dispensary will stand out from the rest, attracting your ideal customer and retaining them for years to come. Reach out to us today for your exploratory consultation.

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