Applying for a Cannabis Business License in Concord, California

Applying for a Cannabis License in Concord, CA

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Concord, California is a beautiful city located only 30 miles from San Francisco and has a diverse population of 122,067, making it the perfect place to start a cannabis business. The City of Concord is preparing to enter the cannabis market and open up applications for a cannabis business license.

At the moment, Concord is planning to offer an array of cannabis licenses, There are three different competitive retail licenses: storefront retailer licenses, non-storefront retailer licenses, and microbusinesses with a storefront retail component licenses.

Which retail license fits your needs?

  • A storefront license means that the applicant will have a physical storefront that shoppers can enter and browse through products. Applicants may apply for up to three of these licenses.
  • A non-storefront retailer sells cannabis goods to customers exclusively through delivery. They must have a space to store and distribute products, but customers do not enter the facility. Applicants can apply for up to three of these licenses.
  • A cannabis micro-business entails cultivating, processing, and/or selling products on premises, and must be done on a small scale. Applicants can apply for up to two of these licenses.

Some of Concord’s cannabis licenses are first-come, first-serve, which can pose a challenge to applicants to get their applications done quickly. Preparing in advance is crucial to the success of the application. Currently, testing laboratory licenses have no limit to the amount of licenses that may be applied for. However manufacturing licenses are limited to five max, two of which have already been issued. Concord is also allowing up to four licenses for cannabis micro-businesses that do not have a retail component. This can include small cultivation or distribution centers that do not plan to sell any products directly from the facility.

Looking to go into cannabis distribution? There are two types of distributor licenses available in Concord.

  • One distributor license available is the Type 11 license, which allows license-holders to transport cannabis goods, arrange for testing, and conduct quality checks of cannabis goods.
  • The second distributor license available in Concord is the Type 13 license which allows license-holders to transport only immature cannabis plants or seeds, and no other cannabis products.

License Applications and additional information on the requirements will be available when the ordinance goes into effect June 25, 2020. It’s never too early to start developing a plan to apply for a Concord cannabis license. Connect with Point7 to ensure a smooth and successful application process.

How Can Point Seven Group Help?

The team of cannabis consultants and professionals at Point Seven Group have worked extensively in the U.S. and international cannabis markets and are familiar with the unique challenges of the cannabis industry. Follow us on social media to stay up to date with more cannabis industry updates!

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