Cannabis Consumers in an Expanding Market

Cannabis Consumers in an Expanding Market

cannabis consumers

Along with the booming cannabis industry comes a new market for job-seeking individuals and a new range of consumers. With the legalization of recreational cannabis in select states, old and new customer demographics are coming forward to learn more about this unique market and the products it supplies. The Point Seven Group aims to help companies appeal to all sides of the cannabis-seeking spectrum, whether that be patients, millennials, or connoisseurs of cannabis. Below, we highlighted just a few types of cannabis consumers that cannabis businesses are sure to encounter.

Everyday Consumers

Everyday consumers are an essential part of the foundation for the cannabis industry today. Some might argue that those who smoke cannabis daily are a fundamental part of the thriving cannabis market. With a large influence on those new to cannabis, everyday consumers regularly encourage new buyers into this market, fostering growth and excitement within the industry.


As the first legal purchasers in the cannabis market, medical marijuana patients are more likely to purchase specific products or strain for overall pain relief, insomnia, anxiety or other ailments, and they treat cannabis like any prescribed medicine. They use cannabis for a definitive purpose – to treat a condition – and they normally go into dispensaries knowing exactly what they want. Having educated staff is extremely important for the medical aspect of cannabis, because it is essential that the staff has a strong understanding a patient’s needs, catering to those needs specifically, and further educating the patient on new consumption methods, products, and strains.


Whether they have consumed cannabis for years or just enjoy the finer things in life, cannabis connoisseurs are the customers that come to dispensaries looking to try a new high-value item or simply to buy the best of the best. Typically, they take a bit longer when shopping to really absorb information and learn more about the products that they may buy that day or in the near future. Connoisseurs purchase highly regarded strains or products because they are passionate about the industry, and are more likely to spend higher prices on higher quality cannabis products. That Having high quality products and brands, especially in regards to natural, sustainable, and lab tested cannabis can be a large asset to cater towards this type of customer.


Studies show that compared to past generations, millennials are the most supportive of legalization. This could be due to better quality cannabis or the surge of studies revealing more and more information regarding the plant. Either way, with access to the internet and social media, millennials have grown up with more information available to educate themselves and stay well-informed. These customers are interested in new forms of consuming cannabis with the new technology integrated into cannabis culture. Millennials are also easily targeted by social media, so implementing that into a marketing plan can have a significantly beneficial impact on business.


With the inclusivity of this new market, parents are becoming more and more comfortable buying and smoking cannabis without fear of being criticized and accused of being bad parents. Groups forming in California and Colorado are coining the term ‘marijuana moms’ for social gatherings of mothers to have cannabis infused meals with like-minded individuals. Some parents take cannabis for chronic pain or other ailments, while others use it recreationally; bridging the age gap between parental demographics is important for branding. Offering wide selection of flower for older parents is important for those who are more comfortable with flower, while offering more experimental options can really appeal to younger parents willing to try new things. Either way, this opens a huge door for the cannabis industry, as more and more parents are experimenting with cannabis and educating their children on its effects.

Above are just a few types of cannabis consumers, and as the regulated industry continues to grow, so will its demographic.

How Can Point Seven Group Help?

The team of cannabis consultants and professionals at Point Seven Group have worked extensively in the U.S. and international cannabis markets and are familiar with the unique challenges of the cannabis industry. Follow us on social media to stay up to date with more cannabis industry updates!

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