An Overview of New Jersey's Cannabis Laws

An Overview of New Jersey’s Cannabis Laws

New Jersey has legalized cannabis. Now what?

Today, New Jersey cannabis laws allow for the possession and use of six ounces or less of cannabis on private property, which is now decriminalized in New Jersey for adults 21 and older. Though, it still is not technically legal to buy or sell recreational cannabis and won’t be until New Jersey state officials write regulations and award licenses to the businesses that will make up the new legal market. Residents will likely not be able to enter a recreational dispensary until 2022.  Although, current medical cannabis operators, which already have the retail infrastructure in place, might be able to begin adult-use sales earlier, so long as they can meet the demands of their patients first.

Past convictions

Now that cannabis is decriminalized under New Jersey laws, police in the state may no longer arrest for possession. Further, the smell of cannabis alone is no longer grounds to search or stop a person in their car. Lastly, lawmakers could reduce penalties for underage cannabis use or possession; such penalties would be less severe than jail time. For people with past convictions but no longer in the criminal justice system for those offenses, the state said it would set up an “automatic expungement” process and wipe their records clean. For those with low-level drug charges, expungement will make a notable impact on their futures.

What about home grow?

The Garden State has banned personal adult-use cannabis gardening. “Cultivation” requires a license and is for commercial uses only. Anyone growing their own is committing the crime of cannabis “manufacture” under this law. One may be subject to criminal charges for cultivating cannabis without a license.

According to the New Jersey code 2C:35-5., “it shall be unlawful for any person knowingly or purposely: To manufacture, … a controlled dangerous substance {Marijuana] in a quantity of less than one ounce … is guilty of a crime of the fourth degree.” Penalties for home grow start with a written warning, but sentences go up from there.

How Point7 Can Help 

As experts in the industry, we share the details of the newly regulated adult-use market in New Jersey and the state’s changing laws. To stay up to date on all the latest industry updates, check out the New Jersey state page. Are you ready to expand your cannabis business into new markets? Reach out to see how Point7 can help your business.

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