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Upcoming Women in Weed Panel to Feature Five Female Leaders in the Cannabis Industry

The Daily Marijuana Observer, the premier online resource for cannabis industry stakeholders, is pleased to announce its upcoming Women in Weed panel taking place on Wednesday, March 21st, 6:30PM at Projective Space LES at 72 Allen Street – 3rd floor, New York, NY. 

This multi-faceted panel discussion will be led by Paige Cecchi, founder of Stigma & Style, and will feature panelists from a variety of different sectors in the legal cannabis space. This event’s panelists include: 

“While many other industries are inarguably male-dominated, things are different in the cannabis space,” states McKenna Miller, Director of Marketing and PR at The Daily Marijuana Observer. “This event aims to showcase just a few of the many talented women who are leading and innovating within this new industry.”

In addition to the panel, the event will offer networking and refreshments to connect aspiring and current professionals in the cannabis industry. 

The event will be capped at 130 attendees, so be sure to reserve a seat in advance. 

To buy tickets for the Women in Weed Panel go to:

For more information regarding event sponsorship or press passes, contact: McKenna Miller, mckenna(at)

About The Daily Marijuana Observer:

The Daily Marijuana Observer is the premier online resource for cannabis industry stakeholders. From entrepreneurs and investors to business owners and operators, we provide coverage serving a wide range of professionals in the legal cannabis worldwide.

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