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The Importance of Sustainability in Cannabis

As regulated cannabis markets and licensed businesses emerge and mature, refining operations to focus on sustainability is necessary. Cannabis businesses must pay attention to environmental factors when measuring their performance and success. Additionally, licensure application prompts are requesting an explanation of (1) protocols for reduction of resource consumption; (2) efficient and conservative equipment; and (3) energy usage plans the business intends to implement to maintain energy- and resource-conscious practices.

sustainability cannabis


Cannabis business applications request the projected assessments of the electrical usage. Emerging markets also observe what mature industry members have purported in terms of electrical and energy usage. States and municipalities are currently drafting regulations that would limit the amount of electricity permitted for cannabis cultivators. Some municipalities require businesses to offset their energy consumption by using renewable energy and other approved initiatives.


Controlling water usage is essential to continue the cannabis business. Additionally, many of our nation’s drought-ridden states are cannabis cultivation hubs, including California, Colorado, Nevada, and Arizona. Considering these states’ climate status and drought impact, governing entities are developing water usage stipulations and limitations through cooperation with cultivators and understanding water usage. Businesses are researching and developing projects to create more efficient ways to use water in cultivation.

Plastic and Waste

Finally, the last area of the cannabis industry that contributed to environmental degradation is the packaging. Strict packaging stipulations have led to products encased layer upon layer of packaging to achieve child resistance and compliant labeling. There are companies focused on the impact that packaging has caused amongst cannabis consumers. These companies are also actively developing alternative measures that are created through recycled and sustainable materials. Other refuse sources directly from licensed cannabis operations are also the waste by-products of the inventory tracking system adopted by most regulated markets.

How Point7 Can Help

As a commodity born from conscious roots, it is natural for us to bring sustainable practices to the commercial cannabis industry. As operators, we must advocate for improving the current methodology and continue collecting collectives that promote sustainability and education in cannabis. If you want to learn how to make your cannabis business more sustainable, reach out to us. Ultimately, we care about our industry, so we make a conscious effort to create cannabis businesses that regenerate our environment.

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