Montana Cannabis Licensing

What is Montana’s Cannabis Licensing Timeline and Cannabis Application Process

In order to apply for a Montana medical dispensary license, you must first apply for a Canopy License to become a Provider and/or MIPP. Applications for Canopy and Dispensaries can be processed concurrently. From January 1, 2022, until July 1, 2023, only Montana medical marijuana licensees who were licensed on November 3, 2020 (or had an application pending with DPHHS on that date) may be issued a license for cultivation, manufacture, or sale of adult-use marijuana.

Montana Cannabis and METRC

Once you have been approved for your business license, METRCTM Level 1 Training must be completed. To enroll or verify if training is complete, contact METRCTM Support, (877) 566-6506. 

All dispensary applicants must apply online via the Complia Industry Portal. Applicants should contact the Montana Medical Marijuana Program for additional guidance. The following is required from persons of interest (anyone with an ownership interest) to submit an application for a dispensary license:

  1. Submit fingerprints and have a background check completed before an application can be processed – Learn how to get fingerprints rolled and background check completed here.
  2. Signed Applicant Rights and Consent to Fingerprint for each person of interest. If you have been approved for a provider license, you may use the same fingerprints if done within one year to add an MIPP (Chemical Manufacturing Endorsement) or Dispensary License. During the application process, you should indicate your provider license number on the general information tab when prompted. You will still upload consent to fingerprint documents and sign the Request to Waive Fingerprints portion at the bottom of the form. The Department will verify your provider license, and last fingerprint results on file.;
  3. Copy of a current Montana Driver’s License, Montana State Identification, Tribal Identification, or Passport for each person of interest. If submitting a passport, include a proof of residency document for each passport. Acceptable proof of residency documents include a utility bill, or a lease agreement.; AND 
  4. If renting or leasing the property where you are dispensing marijuana, you must include a notarized Property Owner Permission Form.

Additionally, persons of interest and all employees must register for an employee badge. Dispensary applications will be processed in the order received. An email notification is sent upon receipt of the application. After review, an email indicating approval, rejection, or denial will be sent. Further instructions will be included if applicable. If your application was rejected, follow the Application Rejection Process to remediate the outstanding issues, and resubmit your application. 

When an application is approved, an email notification will be sent with instructions on how to get credentialed into the METRCTM tracking system. Access to METRCTM is not available until a business license application has been approved. One must submit renewal applications 45 days before the expiration date to allow for processing. Renewal notifications will be emailed 45 days before the license(s) expire. Contact the Montana Medical Marijuana Program at (406) 444-0596 for questions regarding the application process.

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