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How to Start a Maine Marijuana Business

Despite joining California, Massachusetts, and Nevada in passing an adult-use voter initiative in November 2016, Maine was the last to officially kickstart adult-use sales. It wasn’t until April 2018 that the Maine Legislature passed LD 1719, reshaping the regulatory framework for Maine marijuana businesses and deviating from the 2016 voter initiative. The definitive rules governing adult-use cannabis businesses were adopted in June 2019, paving the way for the initiation of retail sales on October 9, 2020. Currently engaged in licensing Maine marijuana businesses, the Office of Cannabis Policy (OCP) is steering the state towards a promising future in the cannabis market. Maine’s dual-licensing program, requiring local municipality support, not only regulates the industry but also positions it for substantial growth. With a solid regulatory foundation and an evolving landscape, the Maine cannabis business sector is poised to make significant strides, projected to be a thriving and lucrative market in the years to come.

Maine Marijuana Licensing Process

Embarking on the journey to establish a Maine marijuana business requires obtaining a conditional license as your initial step. This process begins with a rigorous criminal background check for all involved parties. Subsequently, all applicants and their team members are required to apply for the Individual Identification Card (IIC) issued by the Office of Cannabis Policy (OCP). Once this step is completed, you need to submit your application along with the necessary fees. Within a 90-day period, Maine’s Office of Cannabis Policy meticulously reviews the submitted information and makes a decision regarding granting a non-renewable conditional license or denying the application. These conditional licenses remain valid for one year.

Moving forward to attain an ‘active license,’ it’s crucial to obtain approval from the local municipality. Each municipality is provided with a 90-day timeframe to respond to your request, potentially extended by another 90 days in certain cases. If the local municipality confirms your compliance with all local regulations and licensing prerequisites, they may grant their approval, which is then communicated directly to the Office of Cannabis Policy. Following this local authorization, the OCP promptly requests updated documents and additional information from the applicant within ten days. Upon thorough review and approval of the provided details, the OCP issues an invoice for the licensing fee. After receipt of payment, the applicant is granted an ‘active license,’ valid for one year.

The Future of Maine Marijuana

The Maine marijuana market is experiencing a notable upward trajectory, with significant growth witnessed in recreational cannabis sales, nearly doubling to reach a substantial $159 million in 2022. This surge in sales has accompanied the decline in the number of medical caregivers, indicating a shift in consumer preferences. Presently, over 250 businesses, employing thousands of individuals, are actively participating in Maine’s adult-use cannabis program, demonstrating a burgeoning industry that continues to evolve.

Projections for the future are promising, with industry analysts forecasting that the Maine marijuana market could soar to a value of up to $300 million in the years to come, propelled by increasing acceptance of cannabis businesses across various municipalities. Not only does this signify economic growth, but it also has a positive impact on the state’s revenue streams. In 2022, the Office of Cannabis Policy collected nearly $10 million in cannabis excise taxes, completed by an additional $17.5 million generated through state sales tax from the industry. Looking ahead, it’s plausible that legal sales of adult-use cannabis in Maine may surge from $82 million in 2021 to a substantial $300 million by the year 2025, highlighting the immense potential and significance of the burgeoning cannabis market in the state.

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