African countries are well positioned to become global producers and exporters of cannabis due to equatorial location, expansive land, low cost of production, and access to ports worldwide. Cannabis has naturally grown in Africa since the earliest records of human use of cannabis. The African cannabis industry has incredible potential to bloom into the largest cannabis producer and richest hemp market in the world. Contact Point7 today to learn more about African Cannabis Industry opportunities.


In 2017, Lesotho became the first country to legalize the cultivation, exportation, and use of medical cannabis in Africa. The land-locked country’s high altitude and irrigation system supports the prolific growth of cannabis.

South Africa

The legalization of medical cultivation and use for cannabis in South Africa is not fully established and is still a topic of discussion for the country’s policymakers. However, in 2018 South Africa decriminalized the cultivation and consumption of cannabis for personal use only.


In 2018, Zimbabwe legalized cannabis for medical use and scientific research. Leading up to the legalization, Zimbabweans were allowed to apply for licenses to grow cannabis for these purposes, while the health minister thoroughly reviewed each application to ensure all licensees approved would contribute positively to public health and safety.


Although cannabis is still predominantly illegal in Nigeria, the governor of Ondo, a state known for growing cannabis, proposed legalizing medical cannabis and recognized the positive impact of cannabis on Ondo’s economy.


As of 2020, Uganda legalized the cultivation and exportation of medical cannabis.


Specific climates in the mountainous areas of Morocco are favorable to grow cannabis crops. Morocco's government allows small businesses to produce cannabis, however, large scale production is still criminalized throughout the country. There was a push in 2014 by the Party of Authenticity and Modernity to legalize the production and exportation of industrial and medical cannabis.


Cannabis production is legal in Ghana only with a license from the Minister of Health.These licenses are awarded sparingly.


In 2017, conversations of legalizing cannabis and its potential impact on Eswatini’s economy emerged among members of parliament, although no concrete legislation has been proposed to date.


In 2019, there was an overwhelmingly, unanimous decision to legalize medical cannabis in Zambia for production and consumption.